Dear Pet Parents: Here’s Answering Common FAQs before You Purchase a Dog Tag Online

Dear Pet Parents: Here’s Answering Common FAQs before You Purchase a Dog Tag Online

Do you want to purchase the best dog tags online? Interestingly, the concept of identification tags came into existence during the Civil War. Soldiers were afraid that their families and dear ones would fail to identify them after their sudden demise.

To them, the thought of getting buried in unmarked graves was terrifying. As a result, they discovered different ways so that their family could identify them. Some marked their clothes with paper tags, while others used stencils.

World War II marks the inception of the very first dog tags. Even after centuries, identification tags remain popular among dog owners. If you are a new pet parent, you may consider getting your puppy the best dog tag.

So, are you ready to enlighten yourself with valuable information? Amass knowledge about these tags before buying them online. Let’s delve deep into the following questions.

Most Common FAQs with Answers Before You Buy the Dog Tag

Have you decided to buy a dog tag online? Here’s a list of answers to the most common FAQs asked by pet parents related to dog tags.

Q1: Why Would You Want to Buy Your Dog an Identification Tag?

Did you know 1 out of 3 pets tend to get lost once in a lifetime? Thus, a pet ID tag simplifies the process of finding your dog. If you have the phone number mentioned in the tag, the person who finds your pet can contact you. That way, it becomes easier for that person to call you and bring your pet home.

Another time when these identification tags serve a great purpose is during natural or manmade disasters. While natural disaster comes without any prior notice, manmade disaster like house fire or accident can happen anytime. What if the pet is lost during the event? If the doggo was wearing an ID tag during the incident, chances are high that the individual who finds them outside will bring them home safely.

Q2. What Should You Include in a Dog Name Tag?

The most important things you must include in the dog name tag are your pet’s name and contact details. You can also include a personal two-word note for the one who finds your pet.

Q3. What Should You Look for When Ordering a Pet ID Tag Online?

Regardless of the type of dog tags available in the market, choosing the one as per the following parameters is imperative. 

  • A Strong Material
  • Whether your dog wears the tag all the time or times when you take the pet out, a sturdy material won’t get damaged. 

    Take the example of stainless steel dog identification tags. 100% stainless steel products are more durable when compared to thin aluminum or alloy tags available at lower costs. Unlike other counterparts, stainless steel engravings are the deep impressions that do not fade. Look for a company that produces quality ID tags and offers a lifetime warranty. 

  • Must be Affordable
  • You obviously don’t want to spend too much on a dog tag, do you? So, choose a company that designs quality tags within your budget. Ensure that the manufacturer offers discounts when purchased in bulk. For instance, suppose you buy 12 or more tags. The company should work with you and offer the most affordable deal.

    Q4. Where to Find the Best Dog Tags?

    With so many affordable and simplistic options available online, you can find the right retail store that manufactures dog tags at affordable rates. Ensure that the manufacturer offers products in bulk and individually. Get these adorable tags for your pet and improve the aesthetics and safety concerns.

    Q5. Which Type of Dog Tags Are The Best?

    The best pet identification tags are available in stainless steel. Here’s enlisting the benefits of buying stainless steel dog ID tags:

  • Extremely Durable:
  • These tags last you a lifetime. Stainless steel tags are resistant to corrosion, wear, and rust. The engraved information remains as it is, even during adverse weather conditions. Because of this, avoid any dog tags made of either aluminum or alloy materials.

  • Round-Shaped SS Tags are Easily Readable:
  • Information in the tags is prominent and clear, especially in the round-shaped tags. It ensures that anyone can read the words from a distance. 

  • Needs Minimal Maintenance:
  • Stainless steel tags need negligible maintenance. You can clean them with a cloth. They neither get damaged nor scratched, owing to their durable nature.

  • Gives You Peace of Mind:
  • Engraving your contact details in the stainless steel tag allows people to notice the information. So, you can expect to reunite with your pet quickly. Thus, it offers peace of mind during unforeseen moments in life.

  • Improves their Aesthetics:
  • An identification tag also acts as an accessory, adding aesthetics to your dog’s collar.

    So, your furry, four-limbed friend needs this identification tag wherever they go with/without you. Select a round-shaped ID tag that enhances your pet’s safety and stylishness.

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